Women #ChallengeAccepted: B&W Picture Challenge

. But, you don’t have to wait for someone to nominate you… let us see your beautiful face! Post a pic of your gorgeous self and encourage other women to do the same. ⁣⁣

Social media can uplift; but it can also cut. As a girl/woman who has experienced being left out, uninvited, excluded, ignored, attacked, bullied, and more throughout my life (I know many of you have too!), I see the value of something like this, but I also see how this could hurt and leave many feeling excluded or uninvited.⁣⁣But, I see you!

You’re loved (I love you!) and you’re enough (way more than enough! You’re incredible!). So, while I accept this challenge… I challenge each and every one of you… post a picture of yourself and show yourself some support (self-love!) and don’t be afraid to give a shoutout to some of your sisters and gal pals!

⁣⁣I am so grateful for each and everyone of the women in my life! You’re all nominated for every prize in the world! I love you. ❤️ Kate

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