Emmy-Award Nominated “The Girl Inside”

I am freaking out! And I still can’t believe I’m typing these words… 1 Girl Revolution’s “The Girl Inside” is NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY!!! What an honor and how incredibly exciting!⁣Thank you to my friends at Behold for believing in 1 Girl Revolution and for believing and honoring this story; thank you to Dr. Sangeeta Laura Biagi for your talent andContinue reading “Emmy-Award Nominated “The Girl Inside””

Introducing the 1 Girl Revolution Podcast

For many years, I’ve had a dream of bringing something called “1 Girl Revolution” to life. The whole idea behind it is that each and every one of us has the power to change the world through our lives. I decided to focus on women because, well, I am one. But also because I’m tiredContinue reading “Introducing the 1 Girl Revolution Podcast”